Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo by Ben Hummel

1) Working on the Season 1/2 torrent file* now. Those will be unedited, so they'll have a lot of dead links and such in them.

2) In addition, Julie Hoverson from 19 Nocturne BLVD will be releasing them soon on her feed with very short "Podiobooks"* style intro/outros.

3) We've got our samples ordered, so we should be gravitating towards Amazon this week.

4) If you want to order LULU, their current code is "SWEET" which is 20% off. It's not bad but I'd wait for Amazon, it'll save you about 2 bucks. Unless you can't wait or $20 isn't a lot of money then by all means.

5) Our only E format is .pdf (For now.) Kindle and ePub will be coming but I've got to learn the ins and outs of them because they're kind of obtuse. I've got an ePub format but I need to make chapter breaks and other stuff. It is DRM free* and I THINK, that "SWEET" code will get you 20% off.

6) Starting on Book 2 Monday. I'd expect late April/Early May. Then Mars City (Graphic Novel.) Then Season 3. I'd guess Halloween and feel like I wasn't too optimistic. Season 2 will take a lot less work to get into shape than Season 1. Season 3 will write itself once I know the world back to front again.

7) We're working on Website stuff. The blog is still up, but we have a domain and we're gonna have good content. Feed SHOULD be the one on this website, assuming LULU pays us on Monday (otherwise we'll have to start one last, final feed.) So this is what we got for now because we're rebuilding the infrastructure.  If you're good at this sort of stuff, stay tuned, but this will all get more user friendly and contentful as I work through the foundation stuff I always refuse to build.

8) Above but for artists. We're going to have fan art contests, and we'll have a gallery for fan art. We'll even make things cannon if they work (but you're gonna have to convince 3-4 skeptical mofos, we won't give it out like candy.)

9) Above but for fan-fiction. We've already got some from an earlier contest, but we won't publish without a second "OK" from you guys since it's been so long. If you wrote some you'll be getting a "can we publish this? If so can we contact you to be part of an anthology?"

[But if you know me you know my methodology on getting paid (for any fan content, help etc.) you own it, and you get a fair wage for it (or royalties.) So that's not a call for submissions or anything, but know we got some, we love reading it, and if we love it a little we'll show it to the 118ers, if they and we love it enough we might buy it from you, and if it's REALLY good it might become cannon. This book was a collab, and this world IS a collab.]

10) Podiobooks eventually, it's just another system that I haven't figured the ins and outs of. But by the end of the year definitely, sooner hopefully.

11) Thank you. From the bottom of my (and I'm sure OUR) hearts. I've been the thing holding this back (or more to the point, my medical issues) and you guys could have bailed. Instead you were just there, letting me learn the craft I was presuming to dip my feet in, helping me work on my damage, and giving me shit to remind me that I have a responsibility to finish what we started.

If I'm going to write stories about a man who refuses to quit no matter what the world throws at him or what he loses, I need to eat my own cooking. I've started doing that, and it's not that bad. Book 2 is going to have to use a very small font for the "Special Thanks To" page.


* If you do end up pirating it or just listening to the audio version for free, we hope you liked it. If you must get rid of your guilt, go review it on LULU or Amazon and consider it square. A detailed review (and say what you feel, we want genuine feedback.) helps us figure out what's working and what isn't, and is better than a sale in the long term. You can also buy the PDF if you feel you HAVE to reimburse us, but the review will pretty much make us 100% Square.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Eighteen Book 1 FINALLY Released (Book 2, Season 3/Book 3 coming!)

Book 1: 3.99 for a DRM free PDF

And in print through (Use code FLIGHTLESS till tomorrow to get free shipping, otherwise it should be up on Amazon in about two weeks and they ship cheaper and knock a few bucks off it.

We're working on a real webpage, Book 2, and Season/Book 3.

But this is the first step. It covers episodes 1-10 and has about an additional "episode" of content we didn't have time for in the original show. So it's all coming, day by day.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Remaster Release Starting on Prefaces and Asides

Short Update

There will be updates etc to the site soon, but for now if you want to grab the remastered episodes as they rerelease head over to

Episodes 1 and 2 are out (and I'll be adjusting the links here soon.)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Moving everything to Prefaces and Asides and I'll be slowly getting fresh links to the original episodes as I get them up on the new feed. This site will be up for the time being, but all updates are going to be there.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Down the Drain

by Aaron Sailors

Submitted for your enjoyment, another self contained piece of fiction that is my first solo contribution to our site. This story earned me 1st place in a contest for horror writing last year, and I have been promising people an audio version ever since. I’d like to thank Dennis Kuhn for providing me with the background music (I’m hoping to feature more of his music in the future), and to Will Ross for switching roles with me and acting as my editor.

I hope you enjoy it, and it makes your flesh crawl… just a little.

Aaron Sailors

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Patience and Verity: Episode 1

Two intergalactic troublemakers, Patience, a washed up prize fighter and Verity, his ex/current bodyguard do what they can to keep their head above water in a future filled with booze, aliens, violence and snark.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Season Three - Rough Draft Sample

Here's a little sneak preview of the setting for Season Three and one of the new characters.

"I am," I replied calmly, "and I don't like people with loaded guns surrounding me. Us."

"Our apologies, but we don't take chances in Kansas City," the man said affibly, though there was an edge of violence. A man who enjoyed his job. "I'm Waylan Rogers, head of Plaza Cartel security. Mr. Gwaine requests the pleasure of an introduction. Gwaine's in charge so that's kind of like an order. You'll need to come with us. Your people are free to go and enjoy themselves in the plaza district. If you need money, stop by the handicapper and drop off some goods, and they'll provide you with chits to spend."

"Chits?" I asked.

"Currency," Waylan said. "You'll find we're relatively civilized here. Tried money but there was too much of it around, so now we use these little poker chips we call chits. You'll find the handicappers near the movie theater in the plaza. Give them whatever supplies you need to and they'll set a value for them and give you currency. Don't worry, they won't rook ya. If they do, they'll eat a bullet. If you need it back, no big deal. You can always buy back anything you need if you're just passing through. If your people need a place to crash try the Marriott. It's decent, and not too expensive and they probably have the best water-filter and genies in town."

"Where are all the..." I hesitated.

"Dead fellas? Most are long gone, at least from the plaza district, and if you have any real trouble theres a check-point every mile into the plaza."

"Doesn't look like you need them, I said." Inside the city there was a large circle where I couldn't feel any dead things at all. It felt like... well... like what I could do. I reached out but felt no one like me. Not for miles and miles.

"Come on, It's really no big deal. Gwaine is serious, but he's a good enough guy."

Alex protested, but I overruled him. If they were planning to kill us, they had plenty of guns to do so. I could take care of myself. Besides, if they wanted to kill me they could have riddled us with machine gun bullets when we arrived. Though I still wonder, would they be enough to kill me now?

No... hubris is terminal. Have to be careful about thinking that way. I may not be able to die but my body can certainly be damaged beyond my ability to repair. Bullets still do serious damage. But what if... no... no more modifications. The muscle I stole from poor Donna's corpse was already too much. Still it's entertaining to wonder what I could be if I didn't have to conform to the standards of the human body.

I was escorted, alone, into a large SUV, and then driven through the burnt-out looted wasteland that was Kansas City. While we drove Waylan pointed things out like the Airport and the Chiefs stadium, but nearly everything was in ruins. Compared to Omaha, Kansas City looked like a war zone.

"Was the loons that did it," Waylan said, chomping the end off a cigar and spitting it out the window. "We had them real bad here until the cartel pulled together and forced a truce. You still find a nest of them too out of their gourds to follow orders, and have to pop them, but all and all we keep things friendly-like."

"Wait, you co-exist with those people?" I asked, speechless.

"People's people and money's money," Waylan said, taking both hands off the wheel for a moment to light his cigar. The SUV swerved dangerously close to the retaining wall before he righted it, steering with his knee until he threw the match out the window. "Hell, the best cat house in town is run by Frank Rose; House Abernathy. Crazier than a shithouse rats but damn if those girls won't do anything you ask em to. It's her or Mallorie's, sort of a town rivalry. Frank and Mother are real smart. Like, business smart, though Mother Mallorie and her girls are smart smart; they'll read you poetry and stuff."

As we drove deeper into the city, the town grew cleaner. People were around, mostly scavengers wearing large backpacks or dragging shopping carts filled with goods, but a few people were just milling about. They seemed to be killing time. Then we turned a corner and I was hit square in the face by civilization.

"Welcome to the Plaza District," Waylan said, smirking at the way my eyes went wide.