Season Two

Episode One: Cutting the String
Jonas visit's Paradise Falls, and realizes that there's no help there.

Episode Two: Wolves and Lambs
Jonas returns, quietly, to Greenly; to the last place he'd ever be expected.

Episode Three: Eight Days in Greenly
Jonas, or Horace.  One will survive.

Episode Four: 55 Miles Per Hour
Jonas and the Crew find that speed kills.

Episode Five: To Have and to Hold
Jonas meets another intellectual, with a very different survival strategy.

Episode Six: Ecclesiastes 12:4
Jonas meets another friend of "The Dark Thing"

Episode Seven: Unsafe Havens
Jonas meets a much less friendly person like himself.  Omaha turns out to be less safe then advertised.

Episode Eight: Teenage Fusillade
Kevin overestimates himself and falls into Jonas' trap.

Episode Nine: Pretenders to the Throne
Jonas and the crew attack Joslyn, but are they ready for Kevin's final trick?