Christian Haunton

Director, Creator, Writer, Voice Actor

Voices: Alex Wilkes, Professor Parks

Christian Haunton is a Presidential Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Iowa and a lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. His research focuses primarily on the relationship between religious belief and material culture which he explores trough his work as an archaeologist. He is a member of the Society for American Archaeology’s Media Relations Committee and will be presenting a paper this November in Calgary on how professional archaeologists can take advantage popular archaeological stereotypes.

When not picking the bones of history and culture, Christian enjoys letterboxing, bookmaking, gaming, and of course, his partner, Sara. Christian has also been a professional actor, a prize-winning horror writer, and a cover photographer for the "swimsuit issue" of Biblical Archaeology Review...but those are stories for another time.

Will Ross

Writer, Creator, Sound Editor, Voice Actor
Voices: Wendel, Various Zombies and Fill Ins
Interim Story Voices: Sebastian, The Goblin Pirate Lord 

Will Ross has been alternately referred to as an "Infection" and "The Leonidas of Indy" and he'll pretty much take either if you spell his name right.  Will is usually the reason episodes are late.

Will does the majority of the writing for the podcast, weaving together the disparate strands of... stuff and... things... and somehow manages to push out some pretty decent prose, normally at the last minute.  For his non zombie work, check out Prefaces and Asides, Barfly, or Merciless Storytellers.

Aaron Sailors

Writer, Director, Voice Actor
Voices: Jack
Interim Story Voices: Nathan, Captain Rogers, Michael

Aaron Sailors is a 4th Dan in Songham Taekwondo, along with being a fantastic director and voice actor, despite being crippled with a massive case of the "Techtards."  One day he may buy a "Cellular Phone" or call someone on "The Skype."  If he reads this placeholder he'll kick my ass, but lucky for me that requires using a computer.

Chris Wiig

Concepts and Continuity, Creator, Voice Actor
Voices: Jonas Waight, The Dark Thing
Interim Voices: 2nd Mate

Chris Wiig has been acting professionally and designing games for years, so it made sense to use both his voice, and his grasp of plot for this project.  Chris has been involved in numerous community theater projects, including Babe and Lazytown, of which his is most proud.