Season One

Episode One: Welcome to Greenly
The diary of Jonas Waight begins.

Episode Two: Dreams and Dreamers
Jonas explains the rules, and talks about his strange nightmares.

Episode Three: The Honey Trap
Jonas spends some quality time with Sarah, a troubled young girl.
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Episode Four: Louisville Sucker-Punch
William Fetch calmly expresses his displeasure with Jonas spending time with his girlfriend.
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Episode Five: Pills and Paranoia
A visitor from the wider world sets the town abuzz.

Episode Six: The Drugs We Need, the Drugs We Want
Em needs to be on medication, Jonas needs to be off it, and the plan forms.

Episode Seven: The Bathroom Floor
Fetch versus Franks, Jonas versus dead things, and the horror waiting just outside the door.

Episode Eight: The Long Crawl
Emmet's house is anything but deserted...

Episode Nine: Welcome Back Sucker
Jonas returns to Greenly, to a less than warm welcome.