Interim Stories

Sebastian of the Fay (PG)
A fairy's boy grows up, and she loses him as he loses his dreams.

Cattywompus (PG13-R)
Selected pieces from Will Ross' Satire book Cattywompus

The Muse of Molly Malloy (R)
A cult of artists hide a terrible secret.

Catharsis (R)
A bitter man in a lucid dream takes terrible revenge.

Steampunk Dropship (PG-PG13)
Captain Rogers and the Albatross fight off an attack of goblin sky-pirates.

The Night Trip (R)
A junkie's sister needs his help, and it's just his kind of party.

Shorts (R)
A series of poems and short stories.
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Patience and Verity: Episode 1 (R)
Two intergalactic trouble-makers do what they can to get by.
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