Monday, March 29, 2010


First, Episode 9 is well on track for that April 1st release (and yes, I'm sure I'll put in some ass-head April Fools Joke, I'm that predictable.)

I need 3 voices, two of which I have easy access to, one I don't but it's cuttable. All the soundscapes are things I'm very comfortable with, so I shouldn't have to do much studio foley or sound effect hunting at all.

In non-podcast 118 land, I'm working with an artist to see if we can't do some comics for you guys, I've got some fan fiction to produce, and Aaron is working with some Omaha writers to produce some really interesting one shots. Add to that about a million words worth of poetry and prose and we will have plenty to entertain you with during the off season.

Finally The Survival Gauntlet has started and Willie Fetch might be our first out. Over the next few weeks I'll keep doing "Who Survives" polls with the winner moving on until we find out who you guys think is most equipped to survive the One Eighteen world. It's not a big thing, I'm just a weird little kid who loves polls.

Anyway, we've got a show meeting today at some point and I'll pass on any relevant details tomorrow.

-Will Ross

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