Monday, May 17, 2010

Sebastian of the Fay

A small fairy slowly loses her boy.

Voiced by Hope Clary, Daphne Abernathy, Julie Hoverson and Will Ross

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As I said in the news, if you want to read our new comic, click the link at the top, and if you want to be on the show, click the... well.. other link at the top. And if you just want to listen to some more good stories, you want Merciless Storytellers. Just click it, you know you want to.


  1. Hi again,
    Its been a while scince Ive been on the 118 site. anyway Im not here to bore you with words. I just finished listening to sebastion the grey or whatever the title was. I liked it even though I havent grown up yet I can see how an adult might remenisse (i cant spell) about when they were young and had adventures but then the had to grow up and took on all these responsibilities. Anyway I heard you were casting for season 3 now I dont know how many characters you have that are 13 and voice that breaks quite a bit.(please laugh here)If you do let me know and I might be able to do something, if not it dosent matter I still love the show. I was trying to post this at a time you might check it I only just realised its probably aroung 11 or 12am and your at work. reply when you can :)

  2. hey will I just checked out the comic by ben hummel i think. I liked it although the only thing i can complain about isd that the characters put on some pants! i know there wearing pants but shade them darker it looked a bit wierd when there were 4 guys surrounding one girl. remember keep your pants on! by the way love all the stuff

  3. You know the crazy thing, that's his first "professional" comic as far as I know. His panel structure is SICK. And pants do help in the apocalypse!

    Dion, definately send in a take. We normally don't write younger teens because it's hard to find people who can do passable voices for them.

  4. Hi Will,
    Dion again. I was just wondering with the audition is there like any specifications or lines or anything I need to read out?
    Thanks again, Dion

  5. Yeah, just go to open casting call at the to, it'll tell you what to read depending on what you want to try out for!

  6. lol I just read over my comment and realised I sound stupid. I checked it out but I couldnt find it because I had an old compute
    from Dion

  7. Jesus
    Man cannot live on gore alone, but women sometimes need the gore because the children stories make them all emotional and-and womanly.
    I'm a sucker for emotional things like this, but ARGH. I was close to tears.
    At the end I knew he was going to have a kid and Aurora would move on to the new child, but the way it played out it seemed like she was just going to be forgotten forever.
    I almost had to turn it off and listen- fuck, I wouldn't have been able to listen to happy things. I would've needed a long drag off of the country-music cigarette that keeps memories of my dad alive.
    Great story, really...really moving...

  8. What happened to season 3? I am hooked! I hope you didnt stop right where it is getting really good!