Thursday, April 1, 2010


OK so one thing I really have to stop doing is overdoing the sound-scape. Immersive is good, but it can't usurp the story. Example. First sound effect cut and line.


"The doors were locked of course, but I braced myself against them and pulled with my dead arm. There was a metallic snap as the lock broke and I slipped inside."

First sound effect cut.

GIANT FUCKING WOOD SPLINTERING DOOR SMASHING HULK GRABohshitthisdoorexistingisimportanttothestory.

Second sound effect cut.

Reasonable door forcing sound effect.

Time lost MichelBayting

5 minutes (+ 3 minutes posting this.)


P.S. While I'm pimping stuff, you should check out It's going to be pretty cool.

(+1 minute pimping.)

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